Looking For Leaflet or Flyer Distribution? JogPost Review

Here is our JogPost Review – if you are looking for leaflet distribution or flyer distribution in London and are considering hiring JogPost (of Dragon’s Den fame), read this first!

We had a HORRENDOUS experience from start to finish. First we had to chase up on our initial enquiries in order to actually give them our business (as they frequently did not respond to emails), then we had to contend with the fact that they breached the contract by not providing the service they claimed they would AT ALL, before finally having to endure one of the owners (Henry Buckley – as seen on Dragon’s Den) mocking us via condescending e-mails in which he bragged about his wealth and importance. It was a painful way to lose £600. This is honestly not a viable marketing option – we lost all our money and there was a flagrant breach of contract which was defended with rude, flippant defiance by the childish and self-important owner. This company is very poorly run and all those we encountered, from the owner to the staff he employs, worked to an unacceptably low standard.

We engaged JogPost Ltd to carry out what they promised was a face-to-face B2B distribution in which they entered business premises and personally handed flyers over to the staff in the businesses therein. The price to deliver (a not-guaranteed but predicted) 5000 flyers in this manner, was largely equal to the price for a letterbox distribution for a guaranteed 10,000 flyers. The reason for this higher rate was the special nature of this B2B service and all the extra time required negotiating with gate-keepers etc. This service was just what we thought we needed… but what evidence do we have that this is what they did? Exactly ZERO. In fact, all the evidence suggests they did otherwise. From the 6000 flyers we gave them, we had just TWO enquiries. (They blabber on about enquiries not being guaranteed but this is WAY below the response rate we get when we do our own distributions of around 1000 flyers at a time). And these two enquiries… were they from this special hand-to-hand B2B service? No. One was from a flyer pushed into a business letterbox and the other was from a letterbox on a residential street. So the only evidence that they even did anything points to them doing things they were not employed to do. Not only have they breached the contract, but they have also neatly (and some might say fraudulently), charged us double the normal rate for a letterbox distribution, given that they appear to have carried out a blanket letterbox distribution and charged the same price for half the number of flyers.

They also ignored our request to return any undelivered flyers, took a long time to reply to emails (often not replying until they were chased up) and sent unprofessional responses, the likes of which I have never seen before from an established business. These replies from the owner (Henry Buckley), are staggeringly unprofessional and incredibly rude. Jogpost may seek to post some sort of ‘proof’ to imply we are somehow a competitor or falsely posting this in order to affect their business (their normal response to negative reviews online it seems), but this is not the case. We are a small business who feel completely cheated by these mavericks. We have all the emails to prove what we are saying and have included some extracts below. We also have evidence and witnesses to the fact that this distribution was not carried out as per the contract. As such, we will be taking them to small claims court. Despite this we have been told by the owner ‘Trust me, it wont get that far’ and ‘I look forward to meeting you’ …both of which we feel have threatening undertones, and as such are of some concern.

It appears that there are many reasons for the multitude of negative reviews of this company online. Having now had first-hand experience of this abominable ‘service’ and the ensuing abuse from the owners, we strongly recommend that you avoid JogPost.

A few quotes from Henry Buckley, entrepreneur and co-owner of JogPost Ltd, in his e-mail responses to us:

‘…We have had a few complaints, ranging from; “You posted through a ‘No Junk Mail’ letterbox, and now I’ve had an angry complaint from a resident which has completely ruined my company’s reputation, and destroyed my life!” to “My mate Dave doesn’t remember seeing the leaflet go through his door and he lives in the area, this means your entire team didn’t do any leaflets and you ripped me off and now I want a full refund or I’ll sue you for everything you have!” Although we do take complaints very seriously I’m sure you can imagine threats of legal action over small alleged mistakes aren’t something we’ve never entertained, and if I’m honest this is one of the most, if not the single most preposterous complaint I’ve come across. Most of our customers have a reasonable level of understanding.’

‘I now own 7 companies, and JogPost is quite literally the least of my concerns. I’m probably just a bit sick of people like you trying to bully my staff in order to recoup pitiful sums of money. You obviously have far too much time on your hands, and if you want to waste it trying to take JogPost to the small claims court over £500 be my guest. I can assure you it won’t get that far.’

‘As amusing as this has been I’m far too busy to read any more of this. Do feel free to try and take JogPost to the small claims court. I absolutely couldn’t care less, if anything looking forward to meeting you, you’re a funny guy!’

‘Maybe you should change your Bachelor degree suffix from LLB to LOL – It’s even more amusing that way!’

‘You said ‘as you wish’, but you still didn’t change the suffix in your signature. Would you mind awfully?’




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