Our Charges

They’re low, plain and simple. We know that in troubled economic times, people are keeping an eye on what they spend. Despite this, we still pay more to ensure we recycle nearly everything from house clearance to rubbish removal jobs.

All waste removal companies have to pay to recycle or dispose of waste. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some unscrupulous individuals are unregistered, unlicensed and fly-tip your waste, which can have serious legal consequences for you or your company.

How We Charge

Our charging structure is simple. For light/medium waste, we charge by volume as per the table below. For very heavy loads (rubble, soil, stone etc) we charge by weight, at £140 + VAT a ton. Hazardous Waste charges vary and are detailed below. The reason Hazardous Waste incurs supplemental charges is due to the dangerous nature of the component materials – by law (and for good reason) these must be safely and legally recovered.

We accept payment by cash, credit/debit card or business cheque.

Payment Options

Load SizeSkip EquivalentYards³Price (ex. VAT)Price (inc. VAT)
Min. Charge1£70£84
1/4 Load1/2 Skip3.5£130£156
1/2 Load1 Skip7£200£240
3/4 Load1 & 1/2 Skips10.5£280£336
Full Load2 Skips14£350£420
XL Truck2 & 1/2 Skips17.5£400£480

Please Note: Prices quoted above and below are what you’ll pay – NO Hidden Charges!

Upfront Supplemental Charges

  • Rubble / Soil / Tiles are charged by weight at £200 per ton (£240 inc VAT)
  • Domestic Fridges / Freezers / Aircon Units: £80 each (£96 inc VAT)
  • CRT Monitors & Televisions: £50 each (£60 inc VAT)
  • Mattresses: £50 each (£60 inc VAT)
  • Tyres & Fluorescent Tubes: £20 each (£24 inc VAT)
  • Piano: £100 each (£120 inc VAT)
  • Paint Tins: £5 each (£6 inc VAT)
  • We don’t charge for Parking or the Congestion Charge!
  • Labour is included free for 1 hour per Full or XL load, 45 mins for a 3/4 load, 30 mins for a 1/2 load and 15 mins for 1/4 load. Additional labour is charged at £80 per hour thereafter (£96 inc VAT)

Something to Consider…

Many of our competitors use smaller vehicles but charge more than we do. This allows them to save on disposal costs and forces you to spend an unreasonable amount for a lesser service. Our vans are equivalent to the size of two and a half domestic skips and we pack your rubbish tightly, compressing it where possible to ensure you get the best value for money.

To learn more about why we’re better than a skip please see info on our Skip Hire Alternative service.