Our Office Clearance Prices Explained!

Money – something we all love to have but hate parting with it! And in this tough economic climate we’ve all had to learn to watch the pennies and keep an eye on those stringent budgets, meaning that when you need the help of a company or service you need to find the most reliable and affordable people to get the job done. Here at Recyclosaurus we’re dedicated to providing excellent services at low prices. And you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges; our prices are all laid out plain and simply on our prices page.

So if you’re moving office buildings or your current office is in desperate need of a complete refurbishment we can come in and clear any office or workspace you may have regardless of its size for a very affordable price.

So How Do We Charge?

We like to make our pricing available to all our customers as well as making them as easy and as straightforward as possible so we have a very simple charging structure.

– We mostly charge by the size of the load, for example, we charge £149 for a skip load full of rubbish.
– Heavier materials like rubble and soil is charged by weight at £99 a ton.
– With various objects like fridges and freezers we charge per object so you know exactly how much it will cost you. CRT monitors and televisions are the same.

Why Choose Us?

Aside from our low prices we also ensure we don’t charge congestion charges, labour or VAT so you can be confident of the price you will pay and there won’t be any nasty surprises. Another thing to note is that many of our competitors use smaller vehicles as well as charging more than we do. We always ensure we pack your rubbish into our vans as tightly as possible, compressing it whenever we can to make sure you always get the best value for your money.

So if you’re looking for office clearance in London, look no further than the professional team here at Recyclosaurus. Check out our prices page and if you would like any more information then get in touch today!

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