Our Debut on The Apprentice!

It’s Series 8, Episode 4 of The Apprentice and Alan Sugar orders all the candidates to meet him at The Old Cinema in Cheswick to find out this week’s task.

The Task:

To source second hand, upcycled goods to be sold in a pop up shop in the most retro and vintage part of London, Brick Lane. The team who make the most profit wins and as Alan Sugar reminded the candidates ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’.

The Plan:

The teams got to work planning the week ahead, they voted for their project managers before hitting the streets London to seek out some truly vintage bargains, everything from shabby chic, to whatever they could find in a dustbin… literally. They scour second hand shops, auction houses and even car boots buying old vases, chairs, wine racks, suitcases and anything else they could get their hands on for a small fortune.

Where Recyclosaurus Comes In:

We were asked to help out with a house clearance in London, we joined the team and advised the candidates on what items would work well when they came to up-cycle and re-sell it. And then they were left to decide what items they wanted to take. The team were under a lot of pressure and obviously out of their comfort zones, which is why they must have thought it was a good idea to take literally everything from cushions and broken tables to garish 70’s carpets!

Never the less, the teams set up their shops ‘Retro Station’ and ‘Vintage Gold’ with one team having so much stock they were literally giving it away by the end of the day while the other team’s stock got dangerously low by lunchtime.

The Results:

The winning team, the ones we helped of course, won, making a profit of £1063 pounds, not bad for a day’s work! Although we don’t believe up-cycling stained 70’s carpet is the key to success, our team won and Ricky Martin a member of that team was crowned The Apprentice of 2012, surely we deserve some credit for that?!

Now you’ve witnessed our work in action, if you’re looking to carry out a house or maybe a garden clearance, make sure we’re your first port of call. Give us a call on 0800 644 2700 and… Recyclosaurus will see you now.

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