Recyclosaurus VS Hiring a Skip

When it comes to clearing out your house, whether it’s a complete garden clearance or you’re in desperate need of de-cluttering your home, you need to consider the best way of doing it. What will be the most cost effective and time efficient way of doing it?

Many people may think the easiest option is to order a skip and chuck everything in there yourself. At least you won’t have to make countless journeys to the local tip, right? But what about hiring a company who will take care of the whole process for you?

Here at Recyclosarus we are the excellent alternative to hiring a skip and here’s why:

• We’re Cheaper: Hiring one of our expert teams will be cheaper than hiring a skip to be delivered to your home.

• No Parking Problems: We all want to keep the peace with our neighbours but having a large skip on the road outside your home for a week or two may cause some issues. You will also need to purchase a permit for the skip.

• You Only Pay for What You Get: When you hire a skip you’ll have to pay the same price whether it’s completely full or you only end up half filling it. We will only charge you for what we clear from your home or garden. We charge by weight making it the simple and financially sensible option.

• Avoid the Manual Labour: If you hire a skip you’re obviously expected to do all the hard work whereas if you hire us we can do all the heavy lifting for you leaving you to get on with your day.

• Less Time Consuming: Hiring one of our teams will not only save you energy and money, it will also save you time as well. We can get your clearance completed within a few hours, meaning you won’t have to book time off work or spend your weekends doing the hard work yourselves.

• The Environmentally Friendly Option: With the majority of our projects we achieve a 100% recycle rate so you can be sure you’ve done your bit for the environment! When you throw your rubbish in a skip and have a company come and remove it, there is no guarantee the materials won’t end up in landfill.

If you’re looking to have a clear out this Spring make sure we’re your first port of call, we’re the best alternative to hiring a skip. To find out more about our garden clearance in London from Recyclosaurus be sure to browse our website or call us today on 0800 644 2700.

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